Founder, Artistic Director & Managing Trustee of Adishakti, Veenapani Chawla, Passes On

I had the good fortune to personally meet Veenapani Chawla in September this year when I visited Adishakti in Pondicherry. A five minute interaction with her left a lasting impact on me. She was calm, composed, elegant, graceful, polite, caring, confident....all at once. I was really left impressed by her persona and aura. It was this meeting with her and the beauty of Adishakti, that had me be clear that it was the right place for a NaadYatra sojourn. I was delighted last week when I learnt that Veenapani herself had offered to conduct a workshop for us on 'The Philosophy of the use of Sound'. I was ecstatic at the honour. But then learnt yesterday that she had suffered a cardiac arrest and

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Early Morning Kharaj Session

Early Morning Kharaj Session

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