The 'north' of sound

" Every movement you make you have to mind tuning. So it begs the question-What is tuning? I tell you to go to the north so you ask ' What is North?' North is here ( pointing to third eye). This is not north.( singing from the chest). This is South. In the same pitch there is a North and a South. Our natural inclination is to stay in the South. So we have to become unnatural. How do you take it North? To take it north is a lot of trouble, pain, efforts and not worth expending energy. Like this phone ( picks up an Android) costs 2,000 rupees and an I phone costs 26,000 rupees so why pay 13 times the amount? You can call from this phone and that phone also. So it's not worth spending (the mone

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Early Morning Kharaj Session

Early Morning Kharaj Session

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