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Swar Dhyaan

16th October - 31st October, 2020

With the successful completion of the first batch of Swar Dhyaan,

Naadyatra Foundation in collaboration with the Dhrupad Santhan Bhopal

is ready for the 2nd batch!

Combining the ancient musical practice of Kharaj Riyaaz and Dhyaan (contemplation, meditation, mind-less-ness), the Swar Dhyaan sessions have been designed by Padmashri Gundecha Brothers. 

The inaugral session will be conducted by Shri Umakant Gundecha ji himself. In this session he will explain the connection between swar (sound, naad) and dhyaan. He will also demonstrate the right way to practice swar dhyaan.

The subsequent sessions will be conducted by senior students of the Dhrupad Sansthan and members of the Naadyatra faculty -  Sanjeev Jha, Manish Kumar, Anant Gundecha, Dhani Gundecha, Janhavi Phansalkar & Sajan Sankaran

The composition of the session:

45 mins - Swar Dhyaan Practice

10 mins - Dhyaan

Q&A (if any)


Why Dawn?

According to our ancient scriptures, the morning time just before sunrise is considered very auspicious. It is said that the nature of the earth's relationship with the sun and moon at this time is such that it induces certain physiological changes within the human body. More recently, there has been substantial research into this phenomenon. The research found that at this time, the entire body is in a certain conducive atmosphere, and there is a natural production of Melatonin (a secretion of the pineal gland that is considered to be a mood stabilizer). 

Kharaj Riyaaz

Kharaj Riyaaz is a traditional music practice adopted by Indian Classical vocalists and students and features in their daily practice. Kharaj is another name for Shadaj or the musical note Sa. Riyaaz means practice. The Kharaj riyaaz is done early morning before sunrise because that time allows the voice a natural fluidity to travel down to the lower octave which maybe difficult to do at other times of the day. This practice is considered to help make the voice stronger and more malleable. Daily practice of Kharaj also improves focus in the practioner.

Swar Dhyaan Final.jpg

Dawn is considered to be the time of the Creator 

Here is an opporunity for you to create yourself

Use this workshop to calm yourself and create yourself the way you want yourself to be for the rest of the day

The participation fee is Rs. 750/-
Click the link below to register for the workshop
Please call or message 91 9811501026 for support
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