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Naad Yatra - Uttarakhand

Aah Himalaya, Bhallar

25-28 May, 2017

The third naadyatra was conducted in the foothills of the Himalayas, near a small village in Bhallar, Uttarakhand. We had a beautiful & comfortable homestay at Aah Himalaya.

Through Naad Yatra, it is our endeavour to provide participants with an opportunity to create a new, profound relationship to sound. A relationship that helps them on an inner journey and discover themselves connect to themselves.


On the first day, when participants come, it is interesting to observe their body language. They are guarded and formal because mostly they do not know each other. All that they have in common is their passion for music!

From the first session onwards, one can notice the unfolding, the opening up: they are louder, there is more laughter, they are willing to be around each other more, they come up with fun things to do together. Even with the music, from being tense, they gradually warm up to it and enjoy it.


This Naad Yatra witnessed the coming together of an interesting group of participants. There were six senior citizens, the oldest being 74 years old. There were housewives, artists, painters, teachers and NGO workers. There was no dearth of zeal and enthusiasm to try out a new walk or a new music technique. ​

By the end of the trip, we were one BIG family. There was intense bonding but at the same time there was appreciation for each other's space. Though the adventures continued till each of the participants got home because of wait listed train tickets, no photo id, shared train berths etc, the silence, music and inner connect and group bonding made it all so easy to deal with!

A typical day at naadyatra includes workshops, discussions, informal interactions, concerts & lots of free time to be with oneself and nature.

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