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Naadyatra Foundation

Naadyatra Foundation is a Section 8 Company setup to fulfill the following objectives:

"Naad Param Brahma Aparampar...."

Naadyatra Foundation aims to make people aware of the philosophy of life through the ancient sounds of Indian music.

According to our ancient scriptures, music is a fulfilling and effective way to liberation of the soul.

Just as our body needs to be cleaned regularly, so does our mind. Whether it is confronting the barriers that stop us, or confronting our fears, through music, we can actually cleanse our minds of the negatives and move towards light. Indian music is perceived as a divine art which has the power to lift us from the level of humanity to divinity. It reminds us about our ultimate purpose in life.


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Naadyatra Foundation aims to provide new and upcoming artists with an opportunity to perform at the events we organize.

India has innumerable accomplished and trained artists who are yet to find a platform to offer their music to an audience.With the right opportunity, these artists can flourish and mark their mark in the world.


Naadyatra Foundation aims to connect people to 'dhyan' or meditation through music. 

Indian music is considered spiritual and meditative. It is the easiest way to get into a deep contemplative & meditative state.When music is associated with meditation, the benefits reaped are manifold.


"People enjoy and appreciate Indian Classical music in a new way. And in the process, they experience and realise the miraculous benefits of the dhyaan component of this music."

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