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Naadyatra - Delhi

April 17-18-19, 2015                         

Naad Yatra- Delhi was been designed to provide the participants an opportunity to not just relax and rejuvenate in the beautiful campus of the Sanskriti Kendra at Anandgram, but to also trigger the interest of the participants in the world of Indian Classical musical whilst keeping the focus on the inward journey of experiencing dhyaan through Raag music.


Some of the Workshops conducted during this retreat included:

Naad Dhyaan Workshop

Understanding and meditating on Sound

Yoga for Music

Understand oneself and the body’s needs through yoga

Learning asanas that could assist in Naad Dhyaan

Life and Music

Learning to look at life through Raag music

Using dhyaan in everyday life

Decoding Swar Gyan

Using the swars in a composition, using swars for expression

Music Appreciation

Understanding the different genres of music and their nuances (interactive discussion sessions)

Live Concert

Various artists were invited to provide listeners a melange of different genres of Indian music

NaadYatra - Delhi poster.jpg

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Experiencing Gurukul living
Relaxing over morning tea
5am Naad Dhyaan Session
Yoga asanas to assist musicians
Meal time
Workshop Session in Progress
Hindustani Vocal - Day 1
Mesmerized audience
Workshop Session
Older student assisting in session
Siddh Veena & Pakhawaj recital-Day2
Participant enjoying the concert
personal interaction with teacher
There is no right age to learn music
Relaxing over Tea
Bihar Brothers enthralled on Day 3
Learning about Laya and Taal
Trying out the beat
The adventurous Naad Yatris

My deep interest in music brought me to Naad Yatra. In fact in first place the name fascinated me a lot.


The one on one experience with the Gurus also is a great feature of Naad Yatra.


The evening concerts also add to the whole experience of Naad Yatra. Listening in a small group is such an awesome experience.


Thanks for the lovely initiative.


I am happy, fulfilled and satisfied with Naad Yatra!


This Naad Yatra true to its name connected me to the music within me! I could not only listen and enjoy the "swar", "mantras", "Bandish", "Taal", "laya" but I could even produce to some extent! This is amazing for me!


For brief moments when I could match the "swar" I experienced bliss!


The evening concerts have been mesmerizing and inspiring!


this Naad Yatra has added another dimension to my life where music is not only entertainment but it is meditation and spiritual!






Neeru Goyal

(Never learnt music before but loves

to listen)

Purvesh Sharma

(A new comer to the world of Indian music)

I am pleased with the journey of learning in Naad Yatra. I learnt a lot about music of Classical music. I am very proud of my music now because between I was singing very well that is why Guruji made me Small Guruji.






Kabir Sharma (9 years old)

(A new comer to the world of Indian music)

Its been a wonderful experience. The power of sound, of voices, of our own voice, it has the power to move our own cells.


The awareness comes up to rise.


Thank you for all...

Rosanna SantaMaria

(A former Italian Jazz Vocalist. Has been learning Dhrupad for the past three years)

Naad Yatra - a journey with the sound of music, was one of the most provoking, beautiful & calming experiences I have ever had.


Needless to say the organisation of the whole workshop was just perfect.


Tucked away in a corner of Delhi. I felt I was in a most peaceful place and just being with the sounds of swars was an experience beyond words. It was like riding soundless sounds of music which the universe had very cleverly placed in the centre of my very being, Just blissful!

Rupa Amitabh

(Trained Dhrupad Performer)

I feel priviledged to perform here in Naad Yatra. 


It is a special musical journey which spread out the fragrance of spirituality, meditation and peace, through music.


My best wishes are always with Naad Yatra.

For me Naad Yatra was a really enriching experience.


My perspective will be a different from most of the other participants as I am already a student of this type of music. The exclusive focus on music for some time gave me an opportunity to introspect on a journey that I had begun about a year and a half ago. It helped me redefine my goals and see what I had learnt before in another light and enhanced certain aspects of my understanding.


It was a journey within the self, assisted by the stillness, peace and the purity of sound and thought that characterized the Naad Yatra for me.


It was really amazing to see people from different walks of life, at different stages in life, pursue the objective of achieving their own perfect sound, together. I think each one at the Naad Yatra, students and teacher alike, was in inspiration to me.


The culmination of the Naad Yatra with the concert by the teachers was a befitting closing of the entire Yatra. Besides being a beautiful performance , I feel it gave each one of the participants a goal that  can reached in both understanding and performing of the music that they had been introduced to in the Naad Yatra. It was a life changing experience , releasing sound of music from the boundaries of ancient, classic and contemporary tags into an understanding that lies within the self.


Ritu Mathur

(Has been learning Dhrupad for the past year and a half)

Siddharth Bannerjee

(Siddhaveena Player-Performed at Naad Yatra on Day 2)

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