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NYF Policies

Company Details:

Naadyatra Foundation was registered as a ​Section 8 Company with the Registrar of Companies, Delhi on 11th August, 2014.

CIN: U74999DL2014NPL270190


We DO NOT have the 80G exemption.

Donations & Sponsorship:

As a Section 8 Company, Naadyatra operates like a non-profit organisation.

We are open to accepting donations or sponsorships from individuals, organizations and institutions who wish to support our work.

Payment Details:

For some of its events, Naadyatra may use payment platforms like Instamojo, Paypal etc. Links to these would be shared with the participants if/when the need arises.

Else, payments to Naadyatra Foundation can be made directly to:


A/C No: 65209617923



Refunds & Cancellations:

Since our inception in 2014, we have completed all the projects that we comitted to.

However, in the unforeseen circumstance where Naadyatra Foundation may need to cancel an event, entire fees would be refunded to the participants. 

Incase a participant wishes to cancel their Registration for our event, a certain portion of the fees would be retained to cover the expenses incurred by Naadyatra to manage the participant's registration and cover the expenses for the bookings made.

1 Week before Event          - 50% refund

From 3 weeks till 1 week    - 70% refund

From 6 months till 3 weeks - 90% refund

Personal Conduct:

Naadyatra Foundation expects its team members and participants of its events to maintain high standards of ethics and conduct at all times. NYF does not believe in any form of discrimination or harassment of any person on the ground of gender, religion, caste, origins, or disability. We believe each one of us should treat with courtesy and respect, every person who we associate with.

To this end, NYF believes in providing a safe environment to its team members as well as participants in its events and any person who may come in contact with NYF in the course of our activities. In particular, NYF is committed to preventing sexual harassment of women associated with our organisation and activities. 

If any person believes that she/he is being or has been harassed/ sexually harassed, she/ he should bring it to the notice of the Directors (Sangeeta Chopra or Sanjeev Jha) immediately. All complaints will be directed to the Complaints team for redressal. We assure that all such complaints will be treated with utmost sensitivity, confidentiality and in accordance with the law. If the situation demands, NYF reserves the right to ask the person complained against to leave the premises/ event without notice and Naadyatra Foundation will not be liable to make any refunds or compensate such person for any loss incurred.

Confidentiality & Privacy Policy:

As per Naadyatra's privacy policy, participant information will NOT be shared by anyone outside nor will the information be used for any other purpose.

Our offsite residencies are an opportunity for people to shed the facade they may need in their regular lives and be their authentic selves. Whatever a participant shares during these times would remain strictly confidential. Participant identities would be concealed even while sharing their testimonials ​outside of that group without prior permission.

Selection of Artists or Faculty members:

Naadyatra Foundation reserves the right and has the discretion to select artists or faculty on their needs, as it sees fit. By virtue of being a part of a Naadyatra event once, an artist/faculty is not guaranteed ongoing inclusion in Naadyatra's programs.

Accidents / Mishaps:

While Naadyatra Foundation will take all possible measures to ensure the safety of team members and all persons associated with its activities, in the unfortunate event of a mishap or accident, Naadyatra Foundation will not be liable for any compensation to any affected individual.

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