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Raag Mahotsav

Music Concerts

One of the core philosophical tenets at Naadyatra Foundation is our belief that there are two perspectives from which to comprehend Raag music - Emotional (Rasa) and, Meditative (dhyaan). From the rasa perspective, beauty, strength, love etc. are expressed through the raag whereas from the dhyaan perspective, only stillness and tranquility are experienced in a Raag   

Naadyatra's Raag Mahotsav project is an effort towards the mainstreaming of dhyaan in Raag music practice and performance through a series of concerts. The object of the Raag Mahotsav is to focus and develop dhyaan through a single Raag in one evening, using different formats/genres of Indian Classical music.



At the core of all activities of the Naadyatra Foundation lies dhyaan.


Dhyaan, mindfullness or stillness, is an approach that is rare to find in music practices nowadays. Our aim is to bring dhyaan back into focus in mainstream classical music performance and practice.

Music Retreats

The Naadyatra residential music retreats are an opporunity to immerse oneself in dhyaan through music amidst the beauty of nature.

In our Yatras, every day of the retreat is loosely structured to include:

Music workshops

Discussions on music

Music Lessons

Musical Excursions

Live music concerts

Free time to explore the area and to be with oneself

Outreach Programs

Music has the power to tansform lives!

We use this musical power to touch and transform lives of children and adults - those who do not have enough opporunities as well as the ones who are privileged. Through our programme, we aim to instill self-confidence, focus and empowered view of life.

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