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The 'north' of sound

" Every movement you make you have to mind tuning. So it begs the question-What is tuning? I tell you to go to the north so you ask ' What is North?' North is here ( pointing to third eye). This is not north.( singing from the chest). This is South. In the same pitch there is a North and a South. Our natural inclination is to stay in the South. So we have to become unnatural. How do you take it North? To take it north is a lot of trouble, pain, efforts and not worth expending energy. Like this phone ( picks up an Android) costs 2,000 rupees and an I phone costs 26,000 rupees so why pay 13 times the amount? You can call from this phone and that phone also. So it's not worth spending (the money). But it is a choice. If you want you can go. This is North. Every time ( you sing) you must stay in the North.

I am teaching everyone. When the navel is connected to the cerebrum then it goes easily to the North. How to connect this? Keep Aakar and then throw ( the voice) land it here (3rd eye). The most important factor is the breathing. You have to hang yourself in the air. No pedestal. In the South there is always a pedestal. In the North there is no pedestal. ( sings Ri). Now this should move everywhere ( demonstrates up and down the scale how to keep the tone in the north). So it will take a little time. But first learn how to stand in the North and throw all the pedestals from your house. Otherwise, you see, you will be tempted to sit on them."

- Ramakant Gundecha

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